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We help companies standout. Our websites create an out of this world encounter that outsells and leaves the competition light years behind.

Why Choose Daily Grind Digital

We believe your website is more than a URL, it is the heart of your business.

Fun Facts About Our Company
Before starting DGD, we worked to help start an ecommerce company from the ground up. This involved strategizing how to run the business which included product development, sourcing, supply chain, accounting, contracts and agreements etc., and most importantly ― it led to our fisrt hands-on experience in digital marketing and website development. We started Daily Grind Digital because we found that we most enjoyed website development and digital marketing business functions.
To be honest, we spent a few days just thinking of random business names and nothing really stood out. When Daily Grind Digital came to mind it felt like it communicated what we do. We put our daily grind into providing digital marketing and website development services to our clients.
Our company is made up of five entrepreneurs. We all have started our own businesses before/outside of DGD (a few of us are still running those businesses). We understand how much work goes into running a business, we truly respect and care for our clients and their companies, and we continually spend our time improving our skills specifically in one key area of business so that we can provide you expertise and value with our services.
The easy answer is that we do both. We typically charge $30 per hour or we estimate our projects out to be $45 per hour. We charge/estimate higher with project fees just to give ourselves some cushion because many times unexpected time can be consumed when unexpected tasks, issues, or bugs arise.

Meet Our Team

Adam Wells

Full-Stack Digital Marketer / Operations

Jon Wells

Website Developer & Designer

Keria Paige