Verify and Authenticate Your Domain with MailChimp

Author By Adam Wells

Last updated: 08/17/2020

If you are looking for an easy to learn, easy to use CRM that is affordable, then MailChimp can be a good choice. There is a free plan, but you will have to sign up for the plan that slightly under $11/month to be able to keep the MailChimp Logo out of the footer of emails and subscribe forms.

Step by Step: How to Verify and Authenticate Your Website with MailChimp

Click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Click Account

Click the settings dropdown menu and select the “Domains” option.

The next 2 steps are to:

  1. Verify your domain
  2. Authenticate your domain

When you click “Verify Domain,” MailChimp is going to want to verify that you have an email address that contains your domain. Ex: [email protected]

That step is pretty simple and self explanatory so after you have done that part then we can walk through step two which is to Authenticate your domain.

When you click authenticate (step 2 in previous image), you will get a popup screen containing a CNAME and TXT record to add to your DNS.

So now you will need to login to your domain name registrar / hosting provider and add these values. We are using Bluehost, but it is the same process regardless of the provider.

Click the “Domains” tab in Bluehost.

Click the dropdown arrow on the “Manage” button.

Click “DNS”

Scroll down until you see the CNAME section and click “Add Record.”

Paste your “domainkey” name in the “host Record” box and then paste your “value” into the “Points To” box and click save.

Next, go you your TXT Record on the same page and click “Add Record.” Add your “naked domain” as the Host Record and paste the MailChimp value from into the “Points To” field.

Go back to MailChimp and click “Authenticate Domain.”

Once verified and the popup box closes, you will see that under the “Verify Your Domain” section of the page it will now say “Authenticated.”

We hope this helped. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs.

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