Do What Most Won’t: Be the Face Behind Your Brand

Author By Adam Wells

Last updated: 12/16/2021

What Makes You Stand Out

What Does It Mean To Be The Face Of Your Brand?

If you take a look at some of the most successful businesses, you will notice a common trend: There is typically a person associated with the brand (usually an owner).

Now we’re not talking giant corporate brands like Nike, Under Armour, Wal-Mart etc.

We’re talking about small to large privately held companies most of the time (some doing $40+ million per year on Shopify).

So what does it mean to be the Face of Your Brand?

It means just that. You put your face all over anything that has to do with your company and as a result, anytime someone thinks of your company, they also think of you.

What Does Being The Face Of Your Brand Look Like?

There a some similarities of what this looks like with companies that do it very well.

  • You’re going to show your face on your homepage or at the very least, the about us page.
  • You’re going to share your personal story of how and why you started the company, and your current involvement in the company is going to show people whether or not your story is genuine (at least from their perspective).
  • You’re going to share your personality and values with your audience through every channel that you have.
    • Your email marketing is not going to be generic. You are going to speak directly to users in your emails as if you are the one writing them (and in reality, you should at least be helping steer strategy by collaborating with your content person).
    • You are going to be using your personal social media profiles to associate yourself with your business and/or you are going to be showing yourself on your business pages.
    • You are going to show yourself in video content, and you are going to help your customers get to know you and what you are about.

Lastly, you’re going to find ways to give your audience free value. If your only message is “buy my stuff” then you’re really not going to be nearly as effective as providing real, upfront value (and you’d be surprised at how much not pushing sales can increase sales).

What Are The Benefits Of Being The Face Of Your Brand?

When it comes to businesses that are not Nike etc., people are much more likely to do business with “real people,” not faceless companies.

Sharing yourself with your audience:

  • Builds a strong personal connection
  • Helps people know you’re genuine
  • Makes your story and brand more believable and perceived as more legitimate / professional
  • Makes your content more engaging, therefore increasing your audience / following
  • Makes it really hard not to buy from you if you’re likable (especially if you’re giving free value)

The Importance Of Being Involved In The Content Strategy Of Your Company

As a business owner, typically no one knows your business better than you do.

Even if you plan to have someone doing content marketing for you, you should use that person as someone that can bounce ideas off of you. You can then critique those ideas and collaborate to make them more suitable and effective for your business.

Collaborating on content strategy yields multiple worthwhile benefits. You get to combine your knowledge and experience with the insights and recommendations of a professional marketer that is able to implement the strategies effectively, giving you the best of both worlds


When it comes to your brand, rep it proudly. Let people get to know you a little. Be involved in the planning and strategy phases of your marketing initiatives. Help steer and guide the direction of your business.

Ultimately, do what most online businesses are not doing and set yourself apart.

This is going to tremendously increase your odds at being successful.

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