Filter Out Internal Traffic With GA Opt-Out Extension

Author By Adam Wells

Last updated: 08/17/2020

Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension

Keep Your Data Clean:

To prevent yourself or other people in your company from altering your data (for example, inflating your Pages Per Session and Average Session Duration, as well as decreasing your bounce rate) you can use this extension to exclude your activity from being recorded in your Google Analytics account.

Follow this link to easily add the extension: Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On

Click add to Chrome.

Click add extension.

It will ask you to sync. No need to do so if you mainly access the website from your work laptop. Just click the “X”

You can see the extension is working when it is colored in (shown by the green arrow below).

To turn off the extension, or manage it, just click the icon >> click “manage extensions”

You can turn the extension on and off if you like, or you can choose the specific websites that you want to block.

See green arrows below.

If you just want to block– just paste the URL.

To test if the GA Opt-Out extension is working, turn the Opt-Out Extension off. Have your website open in one tab, and your Google Analytics Account open in another tab. Go to the “Real Time Overview” report and see if you are showing as a “currently active user.”

Navigate to a few different pages and you will see the “Active” Pages” section (highlighted yellow in the image above) reflecting that pages you go to. Go back and turn the GA Opt-Out Extension back “On” and then start navigating to different pages. If it stops tracking the pages you are going to (and after a minute or two it should drop you off entirely as an “active user”) then you know that the Opt-Out Extension is working!

That’s all there is to it. Besides the question that I asked myself below.

Does Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension still work when sites are using Google Tag Manager?

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