Increase Image SEO by Reducing Image File Size

Author By Adam Wells

Last updated: 08/17/2020

Image File Reduction

When putting a website together, companies do not always have all the time in the world to put things together. Often times, an owner or employee is trying to get as much done as possible as quickly as possible. We understand that, but we want to share a very small, yet noteworthy, study that we performed on ourselves

What we did was simple and did not take but perhaps 10 to 15 minutes.

We resized all of our background images and saved them as JPGs. A total of 7 images, but the results could be well worth it to perform this process sitewide on your website.

Coming up, we will show you before and after photos followed by the total file size reduction so you can see the difference in image quality for yourself while also being able to see the numbers behind the images.




From 311KB to 230KB = 27% reduction

Website Development Page



Image file size went from 138.1 KB to 73.9 KB = 47% reduction

SEO Page



Image file size went from  132.5 to 59.7KB = 55% reduction

SEM Page



Image file size went from 3.8 MB to 46.6 KB = 98.7% reduction

Google Analytics Page



Image file size went from 3.6 MB to 64.5KB = 98.2% reduction

Social Media Marketing Page



Image file size went from 8.2 MB to 131.9KB = 98.4% reduction

Email Marketing Page



Image file size went from 3.5 MB to 73.1 KB = 98% reduction

Total File Reduction:

From 19,681.5 KB to 679.7 KB = 96.5% overall reduction in image files.

We saved 19,001.8 KB on just 7 images. Imagine how much storage can be saved if this is done sitewide on a website that has a ton of images such as an Ecommerce website.

We hope you found this information useful and interesting. Until next time, keep those image file sizes small as possible when possible.

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