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We Are An Ad Hoc Company That Puts Data Behind Ad Copy

We Use Ad Hoc Analysis To Compare Performance Of The Ads Themselves

And We Use Those Insights To Make Data-Driven Ad Copy Recommendations

Gamma Sports

GAMMA Sports migrated from WooCommerce to ERP Integrated Platform.


Increase in Organic Revenue

Under One Roof

Under One Roof had an incomplete website setup for over 2 years.


Increase in website traffic

Look At Performance On All Levels

Make Changes Based On Data

We know how to export and manipulate data in order to analyze account performance of individual text ads.

This allows insights into what ads are performing well and which ads are outliers.

Through this analysis, we are able to use data to determine if the ad itself is underperforming or if there are other areas needing optimized such as targeting and negative keyword management.

Data-backed Ad Copy Recommendations

We take SEM advertising to the next level by adding an extra level of insights and management that we do not see accounts taking advantage of.

We analyze ad title and description performance. Through this, we are able to see click through rates, conversions, and other metrics at the ad level and we compare ads within ad groups to each other.

This allows us to learn which titles, descriptions, and call to actions perform best. We then make recommendations based on our findings and we continue to analyze and optimize.

Know Your Audience & Continually Improve

Over time, our process helps us (and you) to get to know your audience.

We learn what copy and offerings your market responds best to and we are able to craft new ads more effectively with this information.

All in all, this finetuning of your ad copy will bring the ongoing benefits of increased ad performance which means increased ROAS, revenue, and profitability for your business.

Have you optimized text ad performance by looking at the performance of text ad copy itself?

Time To Serve Ads That Resonate With Your Audience

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